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Article: Darkly Romantic, Goth Themed Wedding Invitations

Darkly Romantic, Goth Themed Wedding Invitations

Not everyone wants a traditional white wedding. On the contrary, many of us prefer to go to the dark side…

White weddings might seem like they’ve been around forever, but that’s not the case. White dresses actually only became popular after Queen Victoria wore one at her wedding. Before this time, people wore their finest dresses but they were of many different colours. 

Ironically, Victoria otherwise has a dark, morbid image, and was Queen when games like tarot cards, séances, and other dark arts became popular.  As you’ll see, these serve as many of the themes of our invitations!

A wedding with darker colours, like purple, can create a dramatic, unique effect that everyone remembers. However, some people have a white wedding where only certain elements, like the invitations, have a darker side. 

Beautifully designed gothic-themed invitations. 

Perhaps you’ve always had a taste for the occult, or love the look of tarot cards. Birdhouse 197 specialise in the kinds of invitations that are ideal for those who want a dark twist to running through their big day. 

These invitations will quickly set the tone for a gothic wedding. These award-winning designs come highly recommended by our valued customers. 

Our team George and Josh are committed to creating your dream invitations. That includes creating a full digital mock-up of orders before printed. This will ensure you’re happy with the final results. Why not explore our latest designs and see what we have to offer?

For more information on our goth wedding invitations, simply get in touch today. We can't wait to hear from you soon, love George & Josh!

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