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Article: Stunning Dark Wedding Invitations Featuring Tarot Themes

Stunning Dark Wedding Invitations Featuring Tarot Themes

Always had a taste for the dark side?

A gothic, or more alternative, wedding is one of the most fun themes. It's a wonderful way to give your big day a dark twist, turning traditional themes dominated by white and other lighter colours on their head.

Many people who possessed an alternative side as a teenager love channelling it when they’re getting married. Others have beliefs in the occult which provide inspiration for the theme of their big day. 

You can really go to town with not only the wedding invitations, but the theme of your venue. Dark backgrounds can really make other colours stand out, which makes them excellent for more decadent or dramatic looks.

Birdhouse 197 specialise in creating dark wedding invitations brimming with style and originality. 

Our designs include wedding invitations inspired by classic tarot symbolism. These types of wedding invitations are guaranteed to stand out, making them much more likely to be treasured by recipients. 

The mysterious and intriguing nature of tarot cards make them highly appealing. An excellent conversation starter, they have beautiful yet macabre artwork which makes them irresistible. 

All our stationary is designed by experts with a background in Fine Art and Photography. We have an eye for those little details that make invitations extra special. Our team also works with you to ensure that no important details go unnoticed. 

Find out more about our dark wedding invitations. Or don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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